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April 2022 Foundation Intake - Heriot-Watt University Malaysia

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Your dream. Our Foundation.

A University is founded on the belief that every human being can achieve their best potential through education. We understand that the pandemic has disrupted our lives in a way we could never have imagined and we are worried.

We believe that a solid foundation in education is the best way one can move forward and hold fast to our dreams.

Our foundation programme promises to not only listen to your story but provide you the flexibility to keep your options open, designed to be both intellectually stimulating as well as build emotional resilience necessary in today’s environment.

We know the road thus far has been challenging to say the least, with the pandemic still going on for a little while longer. But we are here to walk with you, step by step through this important journey. Let’s get you back on path. Because your dream is our foundation.


In joining us you will become an integral part of that community where we inspire curiosity to learn and find solutions that transform lives. You will be part of a truly global university, with around 28,000 students, five campuses and over 100 learning partners worldwide. You will join scholars who are leaders in ideas and solutions, delivering innovation, educational excellence and ground-breaking research.


Global campuses

A truly international university with five global campuses, partners in over 100 countries and approximately 27,000 students studying worldwide.


Graduate-level jobs

Over 90% of our students are in graduate-level jobs or further study six months after completing their programme and are actively sought by global industry.

Our Impact

A world-leading university with strong links to international business and industry. We attract leaders in ideas and solutions tackling real-world challenges.

Our Facilities

We have excellent facilities, highly rated teaching and world-leading research activity, which together provide an exceptional learning and teaching experience. You will have the opportunity to realise your potential by gaining the knowledge and skills needed to achieve your career aspirations.


Responsive Blended Learning (RBL) combines active, supported online learning with contextually appropriate face-to-face learning opportunities, responding dynamically to the changing external context. This approach enables students to proceed with their studies alongside their peers, whatever pandemic-related restrictions are lifted or imposed in specific contexts.

At the heart of the RBL approach is our Heriot-Watt global learning community, our students and our staff collaborating together to inspire learning.

Foundation in Business
KPT/JPS (N/010/3/0240) (FA4351) 03/24


The Foundation in Business is a focused programme of academic subjects, study skills and English language training designed to provide you with a direct route into a professionally relevant and internationally recognised degree at Heriot-Watt University Malaysia.

The tailored programme of courses is a direct pathway to your choice of a range of professionally relevant degrees. The focused academic content is taught in a way that introduces you to independent learning. Your development is monitored through regular assessments and feedback.


You will be assessed regularly throughout the programme to ensure your progress is on track to meet the requirements for transfer to your chosen degree programme. Your development is monitored through continuous assessments and a final examination.

On achieving the required grades to complete the programme successfully you will progress to your chosen degree, in one of these subjects, starting in September of the following year:

  • Actuarial Science, BSc (Hons)
  • Statistical Data Science, BSc (Hons)
  • Computing Science, BSc (Hons)
  • Business Administration, BBA (Hons)
  • Accounting and Business Finance, MA (Hons)
  • Business and Finance, MA (Hons)
  • International Business Management, MA (Hons)
  • International Business Management with Enterprise / Marketing / Human Resource Management, MA (Hons)
  • Construction Project Management, BSc (Hons)
  • Quantity Surveying, BSc (Hons)
  • Psychology with Management, BSc (Hons)
  • Psychology, BSc (Hons)

Entry Requirements

Foundation in Business

  • Minimum 5 credits (C’s), in SPM or IGCSE or equivalent, in relevant subjects including English and Mathematics

Foundation in Business with Actuarial Science

  • Minimum 5 credits (C’s), in SPM or IGCSE or equivalent, in relevant subjects including English, Mathematics and Additional Mathematics

Foundation in Business with Psychology

  • Minimum 5 credits (C’s), in SPM or IGCSE or equivalent, in relevant subjects including English, Science and Mathematics

Intake: April, July or September
Duration: Full-time, 3 semesters

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Core Courses- Foundation in Business

Semester 1
  • Fundamentals of Accounting
  • Principles of Economics
  • Contemporary Business
  • Academic Skills
Semester 2
  • Financial Accounting
  • Microeconomics and Policy
  • Foundations of Management
  • Foundation English
Semester 3
  • Management Accounting
  • Macroeconomics and Global
  • Economic Issues
  • Business and the World
  • Foundation English for Business

Core Courses- Foundation in Business with Actuarial Science

Semester 1
  • Fundamentals of Accounting OR Object Oriented Programming
  • Essential Mathematics
  • Academic Skills
  • Principles of Economics
Semester 2
  • Financial Accounting OR Data Structures and Software Design
  • Mathematics for Science
  • Foundation English
  • Microeconomics and Policy
Semester 3
  • Management Accounting OR Web Development and Databases
  • Advanced Mathematics for Science
  • Foundation English for Business
  • Macroeconomics and Global Economics Issues

Core Courses- Foundation in Business with Psychology

Semester 1
  • Discovering Psychology
  • Principles of Economics
  • Contemporary Business
  • Academic Skills
Semester 2
  • Psychology and the Human Mind
  • Microeconomics and Policy
  • Foundations of Management
  • Foundation English
Semester 3
  • Research in Action Macroeconomics and Global Economic Issues
  • Business and the World
  • Foundation English for Business

Scholarships and Bursaries

At Heriot-Watt, we believe that a university education is an investment in your future. In order to help with your finances, we offer a range of scholarships and financial assistance to qualifying students.


High Achiever's Scholarships to Undergraduate

A range of scholarships to high achievers based on the tier below to our undergraduate programmes.

up to100%

Financial Hardship Scholarships

Fee waiver of 50% or 100% off total tuition fees to students pursuing both Foundation and Undergraduate studies.

Partner Scholarships

We partner with industry, foundation and organisations to offer 50% to 100% scholarships to study at Heriot-Watt University Malaysia.

Empower Programme

The EmPOWER Programme is a 4-level structured programme anchored by six developmental domains. These are designed to deliver experiential learning opportunities that provide a lifelong foundation for building emotional intelligence, resilience, and happiness.

The first level, known as Watt Level of the EmPOWER Programme is compulsory for all students and will be offered in their first year of undergraduate degree studies. Watt Level focuses on Leading Self and Defining Impact and is delivered through POWER talk sessions conducted by a panel of experienced POWER speakers. The other three levels (Kilowatt, Megawatt and Gigawatt) are achieved through a more personalised approach developed by students with their Personal Tutors.

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Heriot-Watt University Malaysia’s campus is based in the modern garden-city of Putrajaya just 25km south of Malaysia’s capital Kuala Lumpur. Putrajaya is a growing, dynamic city and its proximity allows easy access to the extensive cultural, leisure and retail amenities of the buzzing metropolis.

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