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Invest in a future-ready workforce: Reach new heights with targeted retraining and upskilling!

Role-based training is a must-have component of your employee training program. It’s a perfect way to introduce new hires to their responsibilities or expand existing employees’ capabilities in their roles.

Take up a role-based course today with Awantec, powered by Skillsoft Percipio’s ultimate e-learning platform and gain the following benefits:

Higher training ROI and reduced ramp-up time for new employees
Improves problem-solving skills
Creates higher engagement
Identifies employee strengths and weaknesses
Anticipates and fills skills gaps
Prevents information overload
Fully HRD Corp Claimable
Local Support

Programme Offerings

Empower Your Team for Success with our Tailored Role-Based Courses - Let Us Build the Path to Excellence Together!

Digital Marketing Channel for Business

Jumpstart your career in digital marketing and e-commerce in just 6 months. Learn to manage campaigns, engage customers, and analyze performance with our career-focused training.

Develop Strong Business Acumen

Future proof your skills by understanding the fundamentals and basics of accounting. Unlock many valuable benefits that can help your organisation and your customers through the key accounting concepts and principles.


Re-humanize your business and create brand loyalty using customer experience management. Discover how to grow your business by creating a customer-centric culture while managing customer's expectation.

Roles Based: Operations Management

Maximize team performance and streamline operations. Learn to optimize your team's roles and responsibilities to achieve organizational success!

Roles Based: Talent Management

Unlock your team's full potential. Learn how to align roles with skills and strengths to boost engagement, retention, and productivity!

Role Based: Maximising your corporate communications

Take your corporate communications to the next level. Maximizing Your Corporate Communications' course - Learn to optimize your team's roles and strategies for effective communication that drives business success.

Role Based: Product Service Management

Boost your product and service success. Learn how to align team roles and responsibilities with product/service strategies to enhance customer satisfaction, retention, and profitability.

Invest in yourself

Discover how to prepare for pandemics and crises by cultivating a growth mindset and teamwork skills. Our journey helps you make the best of difficult times and improve yourself and your team professionally. Achieve your career goals with our expert guidance.

Enabling Business Sustainability, Diversity & Inclusion

Discover the importance of sustainability in business strategy with our learning journey. Learn how to align sustainability efforts with financial success, and become socially and environmentally responsible in today's business world.

Scrum Project Management

Enhance your project management skills with our comprehensive training. Learn a variety of effective techniques to manage projects and bring your team to successful completion within budget, time, and scope. Develop core skills that are essential for project management success.

and more programmes...

Don't see the program you're looking for? No problem! We are always happy to hear from prospective students and can provide information on our full range of program offerings. Contact us today to speak with a member of our team and discover the program that's perfect for you.

Awantec’s programmes are crafted to meet Malaysia’s high-demand skills based on emerging trends and technologies, in the following key industries:

Agriculture, F&B
Digital Communications & IoT
Professional Services
Energy Utilities & Tech
Financial Services
Government & Public Sector
Oil & Gas
Warehouse Management

For Whom?

HR Practitioners and Talent Developers

Empower your workforce with continuous learning and development.

Company Decision Makers

Make a wise investment in your organization's future success.

An individual

Take your career to the next level, invest in your future success, leading to new opportunities, better job prospects, and personal growth.

Transform Your Success with a Punch - Let Our Solutions Take Your Skills to the Next Level!

Revolutionize Your Workforce with Awantec's Engaging Learning Solutions - Unlock the Potential of Your Employees and Drive Business Success like Never Before!

Who Are We?

At Awantec, we specialize in delivering cutting-edge cloud-based solutions that help businesses achieve true transformation through real-time insights and analytics. As a trusted partner of Skillsoft, we're able to provide access to the industry-leading AI-driven learning platform, Percipio, for online training and development.

With Awantec-Skillsoft as your L&D partner, you can unlock your team's full potential and drive business growth with the help of our team of expert consultants. Let us help you achieve your objectives and equip your workforce with the skills and knowledge they need to thrive in today's fast-paced business environment.

Why Upskill with Awantec x Skillsoft?

Comprehensive and Personalized Learning Experience:
  1. vast library of courses and resources tailored to the needs and preferences of learners.
  2. choose from thousands of courses & training materials that align with their interests, skill levels, and career goals.
  3. personalized learning experience
Experienced Team of Talent Development Experts:
  1. proven track record of delivering customized training and development solutions
  2. profiling and placement guidance
  3. learning and training support
Affordable and Accessible Solutions:
  1. affordable and accessible solutions
  2. flexible pricing options
Local customer engagement & support:
  1. supporting client in change management
  2. conducting client engagement and adoption activities
  3. providing local technical support

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